Sign Up for a Chance at a Free Registration for the 2019 American Farrier’s Association Convention - Courtesy of the AFA, FPD and Diamond Farrier Co.

If you have never attended the AFA Convention, we think you have missed a lot.

This year, six farriers, who have not attended a previous AFA convention, can register for free through FPD and Diamond Farrier Co. (value $275.00 for AFA members, $325.00 for non-members). If that’s you, just fill out the form below and register to win.
It’s that easy and you may be on your way to the 48th Annual AFA Convention. This year it will be held March 4 through 8 in Tulsa, OK.
While there, you will have an opportunity to hear great lectures and see amazing competitions and demonstrations by world class farriers. In addition, you can visit both FPD and Diamond at the Marketplace, where you will see what’s new in the world of farrier supplies. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet other professional farriers just like you, from across the country and the world!

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Deadline for submitting your name is January 21, 2019.

Drawing for new AFA Convention attendees ONLY.

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